Life is too beautiful to be spent alone so, finding the right person and falling in love is the dream of most people in life. but keeping love alive and sustaining a successful relationship more often than not seem so difficult.

So when these difficulties arise there is always an option to either seek ways to fix the relationship problem, which in itself is not easy because, it take a lot courage to fix a broken relationship. But in some cases you might find out that it is much better to leave everything behind and move on, no matter how hard it seems.

Hence, don’t give up yet on that relationship, there is good news.
All that you need to fix that failed relationship is to take these eight simple step together with your partner, the result will surely surprise you.

Step 1 the first and foremost action towards reconciliation is the coming together of you and your partner in agreement towards getting back together, that is the number step.

Step 2 identify reasons for your decision to fix the relationship and get back together.

Step 3 identify issues that caused the breakup.

Step 4 respect each others boundary.

Step 5 communicate with open mind.

Step 6 seek professional guidance.

Step 7 be positive.

Step 8 get a life.

8 Easy way to fix a failed relationship

Step 1 Agreement

This is the first and most important step in fixing a failed relationship. Remember It take two to be in a relationship, it also take two to fix a failed relationship no shot cut to that .

Fixing a failed relationship is a two person journey, the parties must be involved in the reconciliation process by indicating interest, showing that they want to make things work again and if by any chance a partner chooses not to participate then there is no agreement, which means no reconciliation.

Remember the first time you guys met how the relationship started, how you agreed to go on the first date and the whole love story before the breakup.

This step 1 provides a similar base, a plat form for the two former lovers to stand and build afresh. These step is very important because the success or failure of the reconciliation process depend on it and other steps start where step 1 stopped.

Step 2 Identifying Reasons for coming back together

What are the reasons for wanting to fix the broken relationship? The reason for wanting to come back together must be clear to all, No secret should be kept because you are trying to rebuild and its better to rebuild on a good and clear foundation.

Different motives might have engineered the reconciliation move like fear of finding a new partner, financial dependence on your partner or the feeling of having contributed too much to the relationship to just let go.

Knowing and understanding these issues will help you decide whether to go all out and fix the relationship or not and at the same time how to solve the problems.

Step 3 identifying the cause of relationship failure

What actually cause the relationship to fail is identified in this stage .A lot of issues can claim responsibilities for the break up, the real deal is to identify and treat the issues to avoid future occurrence. The reasons may including ;

  • Different priorities
  • Communication issues
  • Trust issue which might have resulted from infidelity or some other thing
  • Lack of time and attention
  • Compatibility issue
  • Foundation ( relationship built on Lie’s).etc
    In some case’s the problem maybe as a result of ignorance or negligence from either or both partner.

Step 4 Respect each other’s boundaries

Respect your partners decisions as both of you work towards reconsideration, no rushing things, reconciliation process is never a quick fix procedure, it is a gradual process time and patience is required. So respect your partners boundaries

know that your partner may not be as excited as you are in discussing the relationship. So don’t rush it,show patience and respect by acknowledging these. Giving time and space is very important at this stage no need to constantly contacting your partner or forcefully pushing for a meeting Both of you need time for introspection.

How one handle this issue of respecting boundaries and applying patience is very crucial, if not well handled might cause the other party to wonder far away making the reconciliation impossible.

Step 5 communicate with open mind

At this level honest open minded communication is vital. No need to beat around the bush nor playing blame game. There were things that once made you two happy together talk about it, what ever you think or you have in mind make it open don’t hide it anything, there is no secret in the road to redemption.

Shade all the past difference and fighting, listen respectfully to each other and relate with open mind. This should not be one sided the partners should have equal input or the aim fixing the relationship will be lost.

Step 6 Don’t do it alone seek help

Most times the affect and weight of failed relationship is overwhelming and there is limit to what the couple can do to fix the relationship issues on their own. In a more complex issues the services of a professional Counselor is needed to help break things dawn.

The input of a professional counselor at this stage can not be overemphasized, So don’t do it alone nor give up
Seek professional guidance from a professional counselor the outcome might still worth it at the end of the day.

Step 7 Be positive

Look at the bright side of things all is not lost.
Issues of relationship failure brings negative vibes not excluding, depression,feeling of bad blood, regret, resentment,pain and feelings of failure.

While you shouldn’t hide your emotions, try not to show an overly negative image to your partner. Its like a new beginning start afresh on a plain ground. Be optimistic and hold on to the positive memories of your relationship.

Empty the old wine from the wine pot before putting a new wine,if you mix them up the wine pot will break and both wine ,new and old will be lost .

Step 8 Get a life

Work on yourself and Improve by developing yourself. Maybe your the type of partner that depend totally on your partner for comfort and happiness, that’s not healthy for the relationship, Look for ways to improve yourself, such as pursuing interests and hobbies.

Don’t change merely to please your partner or to show off that you have arrived. Do it for yourself for the joy of life, consider your own goals and aspirations.


In conclusion:

It’s very important to note that fixing a failed relationship requires the full agreement and participation of the two people in the relationship.

If there is a genuine interest by the two people involved to fix the relationship the result will be great. But if a partner chooses not to participate you must respect his or her decision and move on with your life.

It might be hard for you to let go because of one thing or the other, But know this life is too precious to be spent with people who don’t know your value ,You sure have a great life ahead of you.




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