let’s talk about love


Love is a beautiful thing.
Its is the heart’s expression of one’s soul. It is a feeling as well as an action. love take take different forms and that is why individuals experience love in different ways.

Going further I will define Love in two forms

1. The feeling :which is the emotion. It is that load affection hanging deep in your heart towards a person or a thing

2. The Action ; this is the expression of that affection in a lovers heart. It is the extending of that inner feeling to the person or thing the heart is melting for. Non of the two is complete in itself and in that seperate form it cannot be call love.

Love is feeling and expression joined together.
Feelings alone is not love, it has to be expressed or shown, if not shown how will the other party know. Even christ said “if you love me keep my word” that is, if you feel you have affection for me ; show it and that is love.


True love is selfless love.
True love seek for the happiness of others involved without thinking twice. True love put the interest of his beloved first and he or she does this because he get joy seeing his beloved happy. God love for us is a wonderful example of true love.

Let me give another example with the story of a widow who had 3kids with no job to support them which is a very hard life. Luckily a man whom don’t like kids came along to marry her with the condition that she will put the kids in a foster home for the marriage to pull through oh! What an opportunity for her to escape hard life but at the expense of her kids. She had to refuse the offer for the love of her kids. Some other person might have jumped on this opporturnity not because they don’t love their kids,they love them very much but it’s a big sacrifice to make, after all life is two short to live for others. She rather choose to stick with her kids come rain come shine ..That is true love.

True love is selfless. The interest and happiness of others is of high importance to him. True love is not selfish in his dealings.


True love forgives and forgets. It does not put the error of yesterdays to heart. Whenever someone is looking for any small opportunity to pour out the hurt of past years i tell you that is not true love. True love don’t mention the hurt of yesterday in today discussion and he does not wait to receive apologies before he forgive


True love is very respectful. It does not look dawn on his partner .you will notice that couples who live happily have respect for each other they don’t call each other names even when things are not moving well.


I love him but i can not stay under one roof with him. This is one of the common words we hear people who claim they love someone say. True love is accepting. True love accept without condemning. True love knows the fault of his partner and seek to help him or her over come it. True love though he hate sin but he love the sinner and help him to come out of sin .

God acceptance of our short comings is a very good example of this. God love for us does not mean we are perfect. He just accept us the way we are and works hard to help us overcome sin. That is true accepting love. Hate sin love the sinner and helping him come out of it


True love is free ,it does not demand. Sometime people buy love and they are happy in it but true love can not be bought. i have never seen anyone buy true love It is free that is why true love last. True love is freely giving and this nature of true love is what makes it to change life. Sometime you will see an unfaithful person changed for life because of love freely shown to him or her.


True love is unconditional there is no standard you have to reach before you are qualify for true love in a relationship.
True love does not put one under pressure of losing everything in case a condition is not met or maintained

Love is a beautiful thing. When we are shown love it simply fill us up, make’s us feel happy and special.

We have it as a responsibility to show love to others not just our spouse ,family ,friends ,but everyone it will make the world a better place for all of us
Show someone love today

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