WARNING! Ladies 14 reasons why you may not marry soon.

Most girls’ dream is to meet the right guy, fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. But most times the reverse is the case.

Being single is not a crime,one can choose to remain single for life while also some factors can delay a lady’s quest to get married.

In this article we are going to look at factors that can make a lady not to get married soon.

Here are 15 reasons why you may not get married soon.

1. You are not ready for marriage:

Girls can do anything just for them to get married, and the brainless ones even take their own life when the marriage fail to happen. while other girls try to look their best in order to attract a husband. You are by the corner enjoying your freedom turning down suitors.

This is one of the reasons why you may not marry soon. Which is simply because you’re not ready to be a wife. You want to get married but you don’t want to be a wife because being a wife comes with so much responsibility.

And you are not yet ready for the responsibilities, so you choose to stay single and enjoy not being under a man.

2. You’re married to your work:

Another reason some girls will not marry soon is because they are married to their works. Sometimes people get so consumed in their works that they don’t have time to think about marriage.

Most works could be so demanding and time consuming that it is not possible to think of another thing apart from the job,this situation is common when a lady is trying to build up her own business. It is also seen in private sectors.

3. You are living together with your boyfriend

Every lady has her own story to tell when it comes to falling in love and moving in with the boyfriend. Back in the days its not possible to see two love birds move in together without tying the knot but the opposite is the case nowadays.

The demerit of this is that moving in together with your boyfriend tends to water down the fire of getting married to you as soon as possible.

A lot of things can claim responsibility for this;

• You’re in his house so he is practically not competing with anyone for your hand in marriage

• He is getting all the benefits of a husband without tying the knot

• You can even give him a child and still not be married

• There is no need to rush things since you are already living together so he kept postponing the engagement date.

4. You are afraid of commitment:

If you find it difficult to be committed in a relationship to the extent that you don’t last up to 2months in a relationship no matter how much you love the guy.

If you can’t commit in a relationship then it is certain that you will not be able last long in marriage therefore it’s better for you to remain single for a while longer. This is one if the reasons why you may not get married soon.

5. Getting married is over rated for you:

You just don’t flow with the hype associated with getting married. And in your mind marriage is overrated, even when your parents keep reminding you that age is important to a lady you are never bordered with that.

6. Waiting for Mr. right:

Oh you have in your head this perfect picture of the man you want to marry and you have continually made it clear to anyone who cares to listen that you know what you want in a man and that you’re waiting for your kind of man and no matter how long it take for him to find you that you will gladly wait for him.

Even when other guys are ready to marry you. You have actually made it clear to yourself that you will not marry soon.

7. You are not a wife material:

When ever it comes to getting a wife guys automatically become sober. Don’t forget that it is for better,for worse and nobody wants to make the a mistake of getting married only to divorce tomorrow.

In this situation men start looking for a wife material and you may not marry soon if you’re not a wife material.

Don’t forget that, the same way you are looking out for a husband material ,guys are also in need of a wife material,so my dear find out where you are not doing well and improve because it might be the reason you will not get married soon.

8. You are happily being single:

Some girls are happily single and they don’t want to mortgage their happiness by getting married. They want to be free and enjoy their single hood without apology or feeling responsible to any one.

Not to say you don’t want to get marry but you just wish to enjoy your being single for some time which maybe to your own detriment.

9. You don’t want to:

You will not marry soon because you don’t want to. Even with long queue of men asking for your hand in marriage. My dear it is your life ,live it the way you want don’t let anybody live it for you.

10. Heart broken:

You may not get married soon if you’re afraid of getting heartbreak. This could be as a result of the following

• Maybe out of the experience of being in love with the wrong guys and getting heartbroken overtime. So you feel like you can’t bear to get married and be heartbroken and as such you prefer to stay single.

11. Your parents got divorced:

The bad experience of losing one’s home and parents to divorce can make a girl to choose not to marry. This feeling is very difficult the emotional trauma,the physical hardship.

This can make a girl to think twice about getting married. Some will say why getting marry when you will eventually divorce in the future.

12. You have not been asked:

This is not really your fault because you want to marry but your boyfriend has not proposed and no other guy deemed it fit to come forward and propose to you.

13. You don’t believe in love:

You may not marry soon because you do not believe in love nor happily ever after. You have this feeling that guys are always interested in one thing or the other.

14. Still living your dream:

You have a dream to change the world and make it a better place and you believe that getting married will be a distraction therefore you wish to stay clear of being married for the main time.

In summary, it is not a crime to be single and getting married is not a must. Success, happiness or achievement is not measured by marriage.

But as a lady if you have chosen to be single let it be out of your own decision and not by your bad experiences in the hands of your ex boyfriend or ex husband. All men are not the same, there are one thousand and one good men out there searching for a lady like you.

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