Be the world greatest dad, 13 Tips how to be a great dad.

A great dad is what every single child deserve and being the best dad is what every father wish for, though it comes with it own challenges knowing fully well that being a father is not just fathering a child, impregnating a wife.

Being a father/dad is more than a name or a title.
Being a father means everything ,taking care of the family, being there for your children and your wife come rain come shine.

A father is someone that have the mind to step up and be a role model for his children showing them how to be better, for themselves and the society at large. His is the champion of his family.

A father may not be the sperm donor. A father is a male figure in the life of any child, who takes up the role and responsibilities of a father.

Why fathers matter

A father matters a lot in the life of the children,his roles are enormous from enforcing boundaries, teaching children to respect other people, being a firm figure that is giving children the strong hand that they need in their upbringing.

A father’s role is very important in the life of a child and this is what brings about the need to not just be a father to your child but a good father.

13 Tips how to be a better dad

1. Keep your door wide open:

This is a very important point, the need to keep the door of communication between you and your children very wide.

Making yourself accessible for your echildren to get to you whenever the need arise could be one of the greatest gift you can give to your children as a dad. So make yourself reachable for your children.

2. Be a coach not a disciplinarian:

As a father there is always this feeling to bring down the hammer on the children, to lead with iron hand maybe because of the way our father raised us but that is not suppose to be so.

Don’t be the man with iron hand in the mind of your children. See every misstep of your children as an opportunity to correct and teach them the right way to do things. Be more of a teacher and coach to your children and less of disciplinarian.

Make them better people by teaching and giving correction. Though there are times when Discipline will be needed because i don’t believe in throwing away the stick completely.

3. Don’t mind your business:

Yes, when it comes to issues concerning your children don’t mind your business. Why will you mind your business or which other business do you have apart from your children.

please as a father your child’s issue is your business, don’t allow anybody to tell you otherwise.This is the only area in life i believe people should be nosey.

Ask questions how they spend there time, about everything concerning them,get to know if they are facing any challenges in the school,are they being bullied, in the street are they being abused and all that.

Don’t just assume that everything is all right, it is your responsibility to know how they are faring

4. Teach them hard work:

Don’t forget you’re teaching this kids to be a better adult when they grow up. Therefore,start early to instil in them the importance of hard work, that life is all about hard work.

Some kids where raised believing that they are entitled to anything they want without giving anything in return and so they grew up believing so ,that’s why we have a lot of crises in the society.

Many youths want to drive the best car,live in the best house and marry a beautiful wife but they don’t want to work for it, they want their parents or the government to provide it for them.

Teach your children the importance of hard work, let them grow up knowing that they can have what ever good thing they want only if they are willing to work for it.

5. Be their role model:

Be what you want your son to be when he grows up. Be that man you want him to grow into. In fact teach him to be better than you,that is the real deal.

What is that area you’re not good at , what is that thing you’re not getting right yet, make efforts to improve as a father and teach your child to be better than you.

6. Be a good husband:

Being a good dad is not complete if you are not a good husband. Mind you though your wife might have come to terms with the fact that you’re being a good dad to the children, it is acceptable to her in spite how bad you treat her.

No father will be a bad husband and a good dad at same time no it not possible, remember the children are watching you and mind you that you’re indirectly teaching your male children to grow up and be a woman beater and an abusive husband if you are one.

Secondly you are also teaching your daughters that husbands are suppose to beat their wives and she will grow up accepting abusive boyfriend or husband. Note that how you handle your wife has a psychological effect on your children.

7. Put food on their table and eat with them:

Your kids don’t just need food on their table,they also need their dad . So learn not to supply the food and walk away, it is not enough to provide food and walk away they need more than food ,they need you.

Providing the food is not easy we all know that you work extra hard to make it happen and your family appreciates that but the message am trying to pass here is not being available for your children it is as good as not putting food on the table.

8. Understand each child’s uniqueness:

Understand that every of your child is unique in his/her own way. When any child, whether a boy or a girl is asking you a question as a father,answer them correctly,show them by your words and actions that they deserve the attention, that they deserve taking good care of.

Let your girl know that she is lovely as she is and your boy that he is sufficient . Don’t compare your children with one another nor label them for example the brilliant one, the smart one ,the obedient one.

9. Happy hour:

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Make out time and have some happy hour with your family. Show your children that life is meant to be fun. Let them know that life is worth to be enjoyed

10. Get your children to know you

You can achieve this by being involve in their lives and get them to be involve your life as well.

11. Be responsible for your children

We are in 21st century and lots of things have changed. Back in the days our fathers engages in fathering large number of children to help out in the farm or for different purposes but all that have change now.

As a man why give birth to 5 children if you can not take good care of them. You own it as a responsibility not to bring 5 children into the world when you can only take care of 2.

12.Remember you’re raising adults not kids:

Is it confusing? okay, let us break it down.
At this point in time these kids are little but they will not be little or young for ever, they will grow. So everything you’re doing for your kids at this time is to help him or her to become a better person in the future.

So it’s very helpful to have that picture in mind from the start that you’re raising an adult. Create a vision of what you want them to be,so you have to nurture and teach him or her good values.

13. Be a better person:

You can’t give what you don’t have. Be a better person, you cannot expect your son not to drink or smoke when you’re drinking and smoking. Lead your house hold by example.

There are things you do when your not married that should stop immediately you are married and have a child like staying out every night and so on.

In conclusion

You have to be in Christ as a father in order to be able to raise your children in the fear of God. It is important to mention at this point that it is actually God that raises any child.

One of your job as a father is to bring your children and your family as a whole close to God . By doing so you’re making God the overall father of your family. And he will not fail to beautify your efforts.

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