11 Easy ways to get your man to propose fast

People go into relationship for different reason, some for fun ,some for love and company and so many other things. Whenever a relationship is healthy, it is common for the man or the woman to start thinking of marriage.

Now this situation is kind of hard on the ladies because they are at the receiving end most times they have to wait for the man to propose which some times seems to be taking forever even when every other thing is right.

In this article we are going to discuss ways to get your man to propose fast

How to get your man to propose fast

1. Find out how he feels about Marriage

The first thing you will do if you want to get your man to propose is to find out how he feels about marriage. There is no better first step than knowing what he thinks about marriag.

If you fail to do this first and you’re busy with some other steps you may find out at the end of the day that you have just wasted your precious time on marriage that will never happen.

In fact, it is advised that from the inception of a relationship a girl should try and find out where the relationship might lead, what the relationship holds for her.

The reason is people go into relationship for different reasons, and if you’re not mindful at the end of the day you will sadly find out that your time,energy and even money spent on the relationship will be for nothing.

This could be heart breaking because life is too short to be wasted on people that are not serious.You can find out how he feels about marriage by

• Talking to him about people that are getting married

• Talk to him about getting married.

Then listen to him and know what he has to say.

Now other steps will follow from here and you will also know your stand whether he believes in married or his from a broken home where the bad experiences has condemn his believes about marriage.

if that being the case you might have a lot of work in your hands, if you plan to change his mind. But If he believes in marriage then he is for you to claim, continue reading.

2. Know yourself and what you want:

Self knowledge and understanding is very important in this journey. You need to understand yourself and what you want.Do you want marriage? Are you ready for it? and you can go further by;

• Understanding yourself, your identity, the real you. If you don’t know or understand yourself it will be difficult for any man to want to spend the rest of his life with you.

• If you understand yourself then you better be confident and proud of who you are don’t look down on yourself.

• Stop comparing yourself with any other girl because you’re unique, you’re beautifully made,there is just one you in the whole universe, so stop looking down on yourself.

3. Be the perfect girlfriend:

Your actions and inaction as a girlfriend to an extend shows your man what to expect when he eventually marries you.Don’t forget that in your relationship your man is watching you closely he may pretend otherwise but he is watching.

So why not take advantage of that by doing the little things that matters.

• Show him how good you are in character, in speech, in understanding. For example,if you ask him for little and he say he don’t have any at the moment how do you respond? do you blow up?

• How do you treat his family and friends for example his old parents, his siblings. Do you treat them like your own. Or are you the type that says “oh i wish your old parents are dead already” . Please if you’re in this group ,you are actually shooting yourself on the foot.

• Show interest in things that matters to your man.

So, be a perfect girlfriend, don’t get me wrong am not saying you should act it or to pretend no develop good character if you have not been getting it right start now and be genuine.

By doing this you are enticing him by showing him little clip of what he will enjoy if he marries you. By extension you are silently telling him to act fast. And he will sure respond.

4. Show him that you are the woman for him:

There is no better way to do this than through your actions and words

• Let him see in you all the good qualities he is looking for in a wife, by now you should be aware of the type of qualities he wants in a wife ,make him see it in you.

• Make him understand that you are the type of woman he should marry.

• Show him that you two are compatible.

• Communicate to him that you can align your life with his that you both of you will be great together.

5. Make him understand that he don’t have the whole time in the world to make a decision.

Am sure you understand what i mean here and you can do this in many ways.

• Allow him to feel insecure some times . Don’t let him feel so sure of himself

• Stop making him feel like “i gat this lady full time any time any day” yes! stop giving him that feeling, it is one of the reasons he is taking forever to propose.

• Communicate, tell him how you feel about this whole issue of waiting for his proposal. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you can walk away if it is taking him forever to make up his mind.

Don’t add pressure let his decision be out of his own will that is the key here.

5. Introduce him to your friends and family:

Tell him that you want him to meet your family members. Make it clear though that he is coming just as a friend so that he will not feel pressurised. You can start by inviting him to family occasions where the whole attention will not be focused on him

6. Encourage him also to to introduce you to his family and friends.

Tell him you will like to meet his parents and his siblings and get to know them. By doing this you are indirectly sending a message to him that you are ready

7. Let him know that there are other guys seeking you out for marriage.

This is tricky but by telling him you’re also being honest at the same. so let him know whenever someone comes around to ask to marry you. This will help hasten his decision making.

8. Have your own life :

Don’t let your life revolve around your man,that is unhealthy for you ,as a spinster even married ladies do have their own life.so you as a girl friend if you want your man to propose fast get a life and create the awareness that your life is not completely relying on him .The point is:

• Don’t let your life revolve around him so that he will be in need of you.

• Be the centre of his world and let his life revolve around you. That is be so important in his life by being a positive addition to him.
This is two related thing, the former is in his favour while the letter is in your favour. So don’t put your self on the spot it will do you good for him to be on the spot

9. Make him understand what marriage means to you:

There is need to communicate this to your man, make him know that you’re not completely fine with just being a girlfriend that you choose to be a wife. You can start with these;

• Playfully show or tell him the kind of ring you want him to give you

• Make him know that marriage will bring you more closer to him and will even make you take care of him more

• Discuss your future plans together with your man.

10. Let him know that you are ready for marriage dear.

Yes! there is no need to paint the situation any further. Pass the message of marriage to him,let him know that you are ready for marriage and more importantly you will accept his proposal.

11. Know your worth and don’t let him take you for granted

First you have to know that you deserve the best. You deserve a good man, a good husband and a good home. So, don’t settle for less.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship don’t accept the same faith by becoming a wife in an unhealthy home just for the sake of getting married. You deserve more than that. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.

In summary

Doing the right things at the right time as a girlfriend will certainly make your man want to marry you and to propose.

Just as stated above one of the best way to get your man to propose fast is to be a perfect girlfriend with good character,being supportive to your man in every little way.

I must also mention that you have to be you,don’t act or pretend to be what you are not because that will certainly develop into a problem when you finally get married.

The key is to strive to be a better woman, develop yourself as a woman no man wants to marry a dependent lady.Many wants to marry ladies that can care for his family, his children and contribute positively to his life, gone are the days when the only job of a wife is to give birth and serve food.

Now men are looking for partners in a wife.Ladies with good virtues and brainy men are looking for good adviser in a wife
We must also note that it is not every relationship that leads to marriage. So if your present boyfriend is not ready don’t be hard on yourself.

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