How to be a perfect girlfriend: 24 practical tips

Being a good or perfect girlfriend is not as difficult as learning a new skills or does it require learning how to become someone else.. no, It is just about doing the little things that matters to your boyfriend in a better way.

Whether you are about to go into a relationship or you’re already in one, read on, these tips are for you to become a good girlfriend and he will be singing your name day after day.

Why is it important to be a good girlfriend ?

How would you feel to be in a relationship that does not improve you? We all wish to be with someone that will improve us and make us a better person.

Being a good girlfriend is not just to impress your man or to have him for a keep,you are also being good to yourself as a woman because you will be able to hold your own in the relationship because a good girlfriend is more like a partner in the relationship.

24 tips how to be a perfect girlfriend

1. Be honest and be yourself.

Just like in every day life ,we all want to deal and have a relationship with honest people. Same is applicable in a relationship no guy want to be in a relationship with a dishonest girl. One of the qualities of a perfect girlfriend is honesty. Be honest and your boyfriend will trust you with all his life.

2. Respect him.

When you respect your man he will not be afraid to introduce you to his friends. He will like to show you off to his friends. Whenever they are hanging out he will take you along because he is confident that you will not talk to him disrespectfully or give his friends the impression that he’s not in control.

3. Let him know he is your one and only.

There is nothing that gives a guy confidence in a relationship than knowing that he is your one and only. This will eliminate trust issues,making your boyfriend to love you more and also take you as his one and only.

4. Feed your boyfriend,cook for him.

Majority of men loves food and they will prefer to eat the food prepared by their girlfriends.
We are in the era of fast food, fast life and most girls tend to flow with this trend without thinking about the disadvantages.

One of the major differences between a good girlfriend and a normal girlfriend is the ability to cook a good food for your man. This old says that says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is still true even in this 21st century.

If you make a guy to choose between a girl that is good in bed and a girl that cooks very well he will choose the later.

5. Feed his ego.

There is nothing more special as making your man feel good about himself. Give his ego a boost from time to time, complement him. Be his hype person, let him know that he is very good at what he does and be honest about it. And no body will take your place in his heart.

7. Make him feel unique

Make your man feel unique by your words and actions. Let him know that he is special and much loved.

8. Choose your fight

Don’t fight about everything. Choose the right fight,some things are not supposed to raise dust between you and your man.

Try to over look some things and only argue or fight about meaningful things. Arguing about almost everything will make you childish and irritating.

9. Love him truly.

When you love someone it shows in your words and actions. Doing things for a man you love will not seem like a work to you. When you truly love your man you will do whatever it takes to be a good girlfriend because seeing him happy will also make you happy.

So giving him time and attention, giving him support ,being there for him will not be like a hard task for you.

10. Be good to his family and friends

This is very important,if you like your man you should also like his family. You can not love a man and hate his family. Have this is mind, men value there family. So how you relate with his family is important to him.

11. Be good to his friends.

Be good to his friends,friends are like family
Treat his friends with respect and care.

12. Be his best friend

Don’t just be his girlfriend also be his friend.
Relationship is not about being together in bed,it is more than that. Be that friend he can’t let a day pass without talking to.

Don’t be the kind of girl friend that is only communicating in the bed and cannot have a good conversation with his man outside the the bed.

13. Have a life.

Don’t let your life revolve around your relationship,have your own life. Do those things you like doing. Go to all girls hang out, don’t throw away your friends because you are in a relationship.

Live your normal life as a beautiful young lady. Live your normal life outside the relationship and not taking the relationship as your normal life.

14. Give him space.

Don’t always stick on him like a pest. Give him space

15. Don’t raise your voice on him.

Raising your voice on your man is a sign of disrespect and not only that, It also shows that you don’t have self control. Because of this your boyfriend will not be comfortable having you in the midst of his friends,who knows you might raise your voice on him with little or no provocation in the presence of his friends.

16. Give him gifts.

80% of girls don’t buy gifts for their boyfriends, they believe guys don’t value gift as much as girls do. But who doesn’t like gift in as much as men don’t place much value on gift.

Suprising your man with gift from time to time tells alot. First ,it shows that you have him in your mind. It’s also a sign of love and value.
Men likes gift

17. Love and show it.

Most girls believe that it the responsibility of their men to love them and show it by giving them lot of gifts and attention. We guys also like to be loved and appreciated. Guys love girls that knows how to express their love.

18. Contribute positively to his life.

Be a positive addition to him. Guys love brain and beauty at the same time. Contribute positively to his life as much as you can. Don’t position yourself to be a sole receiver in the relationship,give out something be it good advice, support.

19. Share his hobbies and passion.

Share his hobbies and passion you do this by showing interest in what he likes. Your boyfriend will love you more if you develop interest in his hobbies or passion.

It does not mean that you will throw your own life into it or swap your own interests with his just to please him,no. Just a little interest and respect for his hobbies will do the magic.

20. Be faithful.

Oh we all want a faithful partner. There is nothing as lovely and great as having a faithful partner as it is in girls so also in men.
We men love and appreciate a faithful girlfriend.
So be faithful to your man

21. Be a good listener.

There is no better way to become a good listener other than having genuine interest in things that concerns your man.
When you have interest in things that concerns him you have positioned yourself to listen and advice him when ever need be. Sometimes all a guy needs is a listening ear to talk to.

22. Be there for him, Support him, Motivate him, encourage him to achieve his dreams.

Be a pillar of support to him. Motivate and encourage him to achieve his dream. Be his source of inspiration. Being there for him both in good and bad times that is what separates a perfect girlfriend from ordinary girls

23. Always look your best for him.

Take good care of yourself and look good for your man and he will not hesitate to invite you when ever he is with his friends. You are making him proud by looking good every time. You don’t know how many calls he receives from his friends telling him how beautiful you are when ever they see you anywhere.

24. Be romantic.

Men like romantic girlfriend. Being romantic help make the relationship interesting. See, it does not hurt to learn how to be romantic incase you are not that romantic girl.

This is one of the sweet things you can do to make your relationship great. Seduce him from time to time, it makes the relationship superb.

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