How hard it is to find a capable wife. She is worth far more than jewels”  Proverb 31:10

Qualities of a good wife

        There are some qualities to look for in a wife. Eight tips are listed


  1. God fearing A lady that doesn’t fear God will not respect her husband. Mind you that the fear of God is not the same thing as love of God. Do you know that a woman can love her husband so much and still not respect him. Our society is filled with ladies who love and disrespect their men at the same time. The fear of God will keep a wife humble, faithful, respectful and loving to the man come rain, come shine. Even in the face of storm, she will stand with her man.
  2. Submissive at all time.
    Show me a wife who submits to her husband at all time and I will show you a foundation built on the rock. Being submissive in a relationship is very important. This should not be based on condition or event, no it should be at all time. When a lady starts being selective on when and how to submit to the husband, the union is bound to fail. There is this general belief that a man must prove his worth first before the wife will submit and this has brought about the constant fighting and quarreling in the house, man painting his wife black and blue endlessly all for the show of authority and capability.
    Similarly a wife who submits to their husband when he is expecting a pay check will always bring bitterness to the table till another pay day.
    Ladies should be mindful, submission is not foolishness. Do not mind the word “God’s word surpass every other voice”, yes it is so but know that your husband’s voice counts too.
  3. Selfless attitude
    Marry a woman that is sacrificial and your home will be blessed for ever. Selflessness is one of the qualities of a Godly woman. A selfless woman is a woman that can accept discomfort just for the good of her home. A selfish lady can never bend for any reason, she will rather prefer for the roof to come down on everyone instead of giving up her comfort for some time. Selfish ladies are at their best when all is going well for the man but immediately things turn the wrong way, she is done, she can leave the husband with the children and find her way.
  4. Accommodating and hospitable
    A wife must be accommodating in other to mingle well with the husband’s relations. If she is not accommodating then, that means she will not accept and visit to her home, be it the husband’s relations.
  5. Stable woman
    A lady without shame will fight her husband in the street because of what she heard from a stranger, only to settle later in the house. Some women have the tendency to move from one shop to another in there locality gossiping and giving out information about her home, how sad some will brag all day about how much her husband makes a month and how much she receives as daily allowance for her upkeep to every ear that cares to listen, thereby bringing shame to the family and putting her home at risk.
  6. Future minded                          Have you ever wondered why some ladies feel comfortable to step away from their marriage. Some women do not have patience to sow and reap tomorrow they rather prefer to eat the seed today and run away tomorrow. There are ladies that prefer an international wedding ceremony, they do not mind if you go broke after the wasteful wedding, all they care about is for the wedding to be the talk of the town. They are the set of women that wants to prove things to their ex and their friends, with the man’s sweat. Sadly her kobo will not be spent on the said wedding. They are, ” if you love me do it for me ladies”.
  7. A wife?                                              All wives are women but not all women are wives. A wife will make your house a home, give you comfort and peace of mind.
  8. Physical Beauty.
    Contrary to the general belief, it is important that a man marry a lady that he is physically and sexually attracted to, in order to avoid the temptation of adultery. Having said that, we should also know that marrying solely based on beauty without other qualities that make a good wife is like building a beautiful house on a sand without foundation. Mind you that the beauty of the house will not make the house not to fall when the wind blows. The point consequently is beauty fades.


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