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One of the sad reality of the present age is that men find it very easy to get dawn on there knees to propose to their woman with flair and fun fair in a romantic atmospheric stunt and partying but in contrast they refuse to bend their ego for things to move smoothly in the home after the fun fair and public display.

Over the years there is a school thought that believed that the best way to propose to a lady is on bended knees. Men that propose any other way are easily tagged old fashion and unromantic especially in Africa.

Most ladies prefer their man to propose on bended knees especially the ones that understand what it means for a man to kneel while few others love it for it beauty and trend. But in reality most men don’t place special value or care about kneeling to propose or following any other method.

It is widely believed that men don’t attach much value to the things they do while proposing to a lady and so when a man propose to his woman with a bended knees in his mind he is either trying to be romantic to please the pretty lady or following trend, nothing more attached.

This is why there is no different between the way men who kneel dawn to propose and the ones who use any other method treat there wife its all based on personality. A good man is a good husband. Men who kneel dawn to propose don’t treat their wife any better than those who didn’t it is all about choice.

The sharp contrast behind the reason why men find it easy to bend their knees to propose to a lady and there refusal to bend in the actual marriage for happy and smooth home mostly hang on ignorance and wrong orientation.

Here we go:

What it means for men to propose on there knees;


Marriage is between a man and woman whom genuinely accept each other in all standard, surrendered to each other, belong to each other.

We kneel dawn to pray in surrender to God. In Some places people kneel dawn before they talk to people in high authorities like king, supreme leaders etc.

When a man propose on his knees he is actually acknowledging the woman authority over him. Its a sign of surrender, you are invariably giving your body and wealth up for grab. You are asking her to accept you and all you have and this is what it should be when you’re finally married all you have belong to your wife with no exception.


Respect is very important in marriage just like in other relationship. And respect is reciprocal men should not only look on their wife to respect them man must also respect their wife at all time .

Women deserve respect from their man and that is what you demonstrated when you kneeled and proposed to her. Some men have peanut brain they are ignorant of their actions if not why? Will you disrespect and mistreat a woman you kneeled dawn to propose to and she accepted you with all her heart believing that you will respect and treat her right.


Male and female He created He them Genesis 1:27.

We are made in the image and likeness of God, male and female. Women are not of less value to men. The man being the head of the family does not mean that the woman is less human neither does it mean that what ever you say must stand whether good or bad.

We get it wrong must of the time that’s why many family are on fire, the man will talk and stamp his feet no advice from his wife. But

Psalm 31: 10 the psalmist said ” who can find a virtues woman, her worth is more than 10 rupees ”

Men propose on their knees in recognition of this great value inherent in the woman he wish to spend the rest of his life with. It does not mean that men who don’t propose on there knees are alien to this either.


Bible “said that it is not good for a man to be alone” Also

Prov18:22 continued
“He who find a wife find a good thing and obtained a favour from God”

Its not good for man to be alone. God is His infinite wisdom knew that before time, that’s why He created male and female. We marry bases on need that’s why a sane man will not just go to a public square and propose to any pretty lady at random.

Men are looking for a women that will satisfy there physical and spiritual need in marriage. The same thing goes for the ladies, a lady will only accept a man when she is sure that the man will satisfy her or physical and spiritual need hence the need for each other when the feeling is mutual.

So when a man proposes, in which ever way or style he chooses it is in acknowledgment that the woman has important place in his life and that he will cherish and appreciate her.


A high percent of men all over the world believe that it is the sole responsibility of the wife to submit at all time and the Christian fathers love for this verse of the scripture

Ephesians 5:22 “wife submit to your husband as to the Lord”

The same Bible also said earlier in verse 21 submit to each other out of reverence for Christ.

So men must also submit. Therefore men kneel to propose in demonstration that they will submit to the wife as part of call his as a husband.


Husband are called to honour their wife 1 Peter 3:7 husband is to dwell with his wife according to knowledge giving her honour as a weaker vessel.

Kneeling to propose is a demonstration of acceptance and willingness to love,respect, protect and cherish. It’s an acceptance of your obligation to honour her wilfully. It is a show of respect that in all things you will respect her.

Plead to accept

Bending knees to propose is
a sign of respect on her choice, decision and opinion. You are telling her that her opinion is important to you that she will be part of the decision making in the home and not king to subjects situation. Sadly in many home men beat their wife to submission instead petting them to agree when there is different opinion.

In conclusion

Ignorantly most men propose on there knees with the sole conviction that it is once in a life time experience for the lady in acknowledgment of the value most women place on that hence the general believe “it is her moment let me make it memorable for her” sadly such women after marriage are subject to many abuse physical and emotional by same man who proposed on his knees.

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